Welcome to Renewed Hope Ranch: Residential Treatment Center for Girls Offering Equine Therapy

A girl’s teenage years are a time of growth in so many ways. These changes can be challenging for anyone, and even more overwhelming if your daughter is dealing with mental health concerns, substance abuse disorder, family behavioral issues, troubles at school, social awkwardness, or a dual diagnosis of a mixture of these things.

By enrolling at Renewed Hope Ranch (RHR), a residential treatment center for teenage girls, you can capitalize on our more than 30 years of combined experience in clinical residential treatment. Our facility was custom-built to meet the needs of teenage girls while providing a comfortable, home-like atmosphere.

CARF International Accredited

Licensing & Accreditation | CARF | Pride Institute

Even though we are young, we have gained accreditation by CARF International – a premier accreditation program for residential treatment facilities worldwide. As we continue to grow and evolve we aspire not only for excellence, but to be the best.

Dawn to Dusk at Renewed Hope Ranch

A glimpse at the schedule at RHR can help you better understand how we achieve success. We engage the girls in body, mind, and spirit. A typical day includes:

  • Nutrition
  • Exercise
  • Hygiene
  • Group/Individual/Family Therapy
  • Academics
  • Group Activities
  • Equine Therapy
  • Self Time

What We Treat

RHR is dedicated to the unique needs of teenage girls only. Our program can help girls working to overcome:

  • Social Anxiety
  • Depression
  • PTSD
  • Substance Abuse Disorder
  • Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD)
  • Mental Health Disorders/Dual Diagnosis

Therapies Used

In addition to usual academics, exercise, nutrition, and hygiene, the staff at RHR use a combination of individual, group, and family therapy. Each girl is unique, so each treatment plan is customized.

Renewed Hope Ranch is also a leader in and has found great success with certified equine-assisted therapy.

More About Equine-Assisted Therapy

Often shortened to equine therapy or horse therapy, equine-assisted therapy is experiential, rather than passive. As the girls groom, feed, lead, and ride the horses, they find a new sense of empathy and compassion, along with control and confidence.

Our therapists observe the girls as they interact with the horses, then provide feedback during individual sessions.

The Goals of Horse Therapy

By working with the horses and learning their “horse talk” through the horse’s body language and vocal cues, the girls become better communicators in general, but not just with the horses. They begin to understand that beyond the words, or lack of them, there are still ideas and feelings being shared.

By being responsible for the care of another being, your daughter will:

  • Get outside of herself
  • Improve self-discipline
  • Embrace self-respect
  • Increase patience
  • Confirm sense of commitment
  • Broaden her life view
  • Pursue positivity
  • Reaffirm responsibility
  • Build trust

Equine-Assisted Therapy and Reactive Attachment Disorder

RAD is a demanding and challenging disorder. Reactive attachment disorder is the result of a traumatic event that occurred in a child’s infancy, usually before the age of five, sometimes even prenatal.

There is an absence of bonding or attachment to a parent or caregiver. Sometimes the reason is obvious, but often it is not. This can lead to many complications in the teenage years.

A girl with reactive attachment disorder must have control. Once they get control of their caretaker, they reject them. A major component of equine therapy is learning how to control the animal. Building trust between the girl and the horse is paramount because it carries over into life and learning to build trust in others. The difference between humans and horses is that horses need this control and find comfort in the control because it then knows what is expected.

While horses are emotional, their displays of emotion are much calmer than humans. Girls learn with horses through the absence of trying to find the meaning beyond words, second-guessing what they are thinking, and worrying about repercussions (as there is with humans).

Thanks to this non-judgmental loving bond between girl and horse, RAD sufferers are more able to break down their walls and form a closeness in interpersonal relationships that were previously unattainable.

Renewed Life with Renewed Hope

If the daughter you once knew seems to be trapped inside, you can help her fight her way out and become the strong, vibrant young woman you know her to be. Contact us today for more information or to complete an application to enroll at Renewed Hope Ranch.

Renewed Hope Ranch has given us our baby girl back. She has grown so much in her time with the Ranch. Gone is my snarky, scary teenager and in her place, we have a sweet, kind, and excellent communicator. I cannot say enough good things about this program and what is has given to my family!

– Carrie Chevalier

Ever since coming to RHR I feel like I have my life back! I am happy again and have amazing relationships with my family, and can look at myself and see nothing but beauty. Renewed Hope Ranch has given me my life back.

– Hailee Chevalier

Given My Life Back

Renewed Hope Ranch was an answer to our prayers for a place that could help our daughter where we could not This place and the caring staff have given our daughter a second chance at life.

Thank you,
Gary & LaVae Goodin

A Second Chance