Nine months ago my husband and I had to make one of the toughest decisions of our lives. We had our daughter transported to RHR. Our daughter had been spiraling out of control for the past couple of years. We had her in and out of treatment facilities, constant therapy, but nothing seemed to work for her. We knew we needed something long term and more intense therapy for her, but did not know what that was. We started doing research on residential treatment and reaching out to different sources that lead us to RHR.

I spoke with Natalie about the process and paperwork. Natalie was great. She was so helpful and understanding of our situation.

Within a few days we received the call that Hailey would be excepted to the program. It was the answer to our prayers.

When we arrived for our first parent weekend we knew the second we walked in the door that we had made the right decision. We felt the compassion, love and support that the staff had for our family and all the other families there. We finally found the hope that we had lost. The entire staff at Renewed Hope Ranch is truly amazing, and we will forever be grateful for all they have done for our family.

Our daughter is home and doing well. We know that we will have our struggles, but we now have the tools to help us get through them.

Renee and Tim

The Answer to Our Prayers