We can only think of two words to describe the essence of RHR: love and family.

A few months ago, my family experienced one of the most difficult challenges in our lives. We looked for help everywhere: different therapists, medical, institutions. Unfortunately we never got the help our family needed. We asked God to help us find the right place for our daughter. And one afternoon, I was searching through the internet, I made a phone call. From the beginning of our conversation, Natalie made my husband and I feel like someone understood exactly what we were going through. We just knew we had found the place that would offer our family the help we needed to overcome this battle. We also talked to Rick, one of the magnificent founders of the this place and he shared his personal experience with us–we knew at that point that we weren’t alone in this journey. In the process we also met Stephen, the director of this extraordinary treatment facility, as well as the amazing staff they have selected with such big hearts. Our lives have changed; we found hope, love, support. For a moment we thought we had lost our daughter. Julie is now back at home, and we still have our struggles every now and again, but we continue to make use of all the tools we learned at Renewed Hope Ranch. This is a home away from home. I can sincerely say these words because we witnessed the love and support that young ladies receive from every single member of Renewed Hope Ranch- not only from the staff but from each other. We ourselves have the honor of engaging with the girls and notice great changes in them. If anybody would like to reach out to us, please feel absolutely free to contact us.

– Juan Soto

Love and Family