Our daughter was continuously making poor choices that were prohibiting any chance of a happy, fruitful future. As a family, it was incredibly hard to see this downward progression which led us to research treatment facilities that could help. Coming to the realization that your family is faced with needing a residential treatment facility is not easy to say the least. There are so many questions, unknowns, and emotional aspects that put your family to the ultimate test. I was referred to Renewed Hope Ranch and started speaking with Natalie who proved to be an incredible resource. She helped us navigate through the many tough issues we were dealing with. We did visit RHR, it was immediately apparent this was the right fit for our daughter. The facility is built solely for residential treatment, clean, and well-maintained. The staff was friendly and we were able to get a feel for what a day at the ranch is like for the girls. I spoke with Rick prior to making the final decision; he took the time to answer any questions I had. He’s been in the same challenging situation and was very open with sharing his family story.

The positive peer culture, PPC, used at RHR proved to be an influential factor in helping our daughter. PPC paired with one-on-one and family counseling sessions was the solution we needed. These sessions were incredible for our family, not only did we get to see her progress, we were able to see her become more comfortable and confident with herself. Tori, our counselor, was nothing short of amazing and always willing to help in any way she could; she treats the girls as if they were her own. Kensie, the education specialist, helped her study for the GED and pass so that she could return home and begin college. This was no small feat–Kensie provided the inspiration needed and pushed our daughter to aspire for more.

Our daughter has graduated and is doing well. There are still challenges as that is part of life, but now, our daughter has the tools to deal with them in a constructive manner which was completely impossible before.

We would like to express our gratitude from the bottom of our hearts. The staff at Renewed Hope Ranch have given our daughter a second chance at life.

Karl Bauerschmidt

From the Bottom of Our Hearts