Renewed Hope Ranch gave me my daughter back. The healing and growth that has taken place with my daughter has been indescribable. The staff does a wonderful job in all aspects and avenues. Transformative blend of therapy, discipline and a caring environment to give these girls what they need to turn their lives around. Forever thankful for this place and experience.

– Jen Weinstein

I didn’t really have much of a chance at having a healthy life before I came to Renewed Hope Ranch, so this has truly been a life-saving experience for me. Renewed Hope Ranch is a safe haven for any girl looking for an environment built for growth and healing. I had been to a different treatment center a couple years ago and not many things changed after that, so I left feeling like I had no chance of ever getting better. When I came to the Ranch, I was shown that getting help is possible and that hope is real, and I was given the opportunity to build my own future. I feel prepared to go home and start my life, stay consistent, and continue to make improvements on myself, and I wouldn’t be where I am at today if it wasn’t for Renewed Hope Ranch. The atmosphere here is filled with a sense of home, so it was easier for me to adjust in the beginning because there was so much support, love, and care around me. I am so grateful for the Ranch and everything that I have learned here and all of the staff and girls that have made my success possible. RHR will always have a special place in my heart and I will hold close what I have learned about life, relationships, and hope.

– Hailee Weinstein

Forever thankful