This has been a long and difficult journey for Taylor and our family. She came to you depressed, unable to socialize, unable to interact with her siblings, lacking motivation and focus. We’d tried years of therapy, groups, medications and anything else we could think of to try and get her on the right track. But you’ve managed to get her to make positive changes that we couldn’t.

The Taylor that we see today is a better version of herself. She has more self confidence, she has motivation and more focus than I thought she was capable of and she’s more aware of the feelings of those around her. Her and I have conversations that were never possible in the past and she communicates more effectively with everyone. This is awesome to say the least. Thanks to you and your staff I feel confident about her future.

Again, thank you for the wonderful work you and your staff did. I’d be happy to recommend The Ranch or to speak with anyone who is apprehensive of sending their daughter there. You have my utmost gratitude.

Kalani Childs

Confident In Her Future