Residential Treatment Centers for Teenage Girls: 5 Tips for Returning Home

Mother and daughter reunited after girl's stay at residential treatment center.

Your daughter has finished her time at Renewed Hope Ranch’s residential treatment program, and it’s time for her to come home. While your daughter has made great strides at our residential treatment center for teenage girls, the days, weeks, and even months ahead will be new and different for everyone.

During her time in our residential treatment center, your daughter was surrounded 24/7 by trained professionals and supportive peers, and she followed a precise daily schedule. Now everything is about to change: she’s headed back home, with more independence and free time, and still has some healing and growing left to do. How can you, as her parent, help her make this transition? These tips for transitioning from residential treatment centers for teenage girls will help you set your daughter up to thrive.

Teen girl working with her therapist for continued treatment.

1. Manage Expectations

You’re feeling a lot right now. Amidst the anticipation of seeing your daughter again, and the hope for change and recovery, remember this one thing: the end of treatment isn’t the end of recovery, but the beginning of recovery. Again: the end of treatment is the beginning of recovery. Your daughter is returning home with a number of great skills and tools for managing triggers and staying mentally strong and healthy. But there is still more growth ahead. Before she comes home, manage your expectations and recognize there’s still work left to do.

2. Discuss Plans for After Treatment

Coming home means your daughter can gradually ease back into everyday life. Discuss plans for life after time in a residential treatment center for teenage girls with your daughter and with her therapist. Maybe the plan is for her to return back to high school or college, or to start a new job. Or you might make plans to help her return to activities she loves that were disrupted by treatment, such as the soccer team or voice lessons.

Make sure your daughter has some input, and be willing to compromise. For example, she might express interest in going to college, but you and her therapist think she isn’t ready yet. A good compromise might be enrolling in one or two online or community college courses and working her way up to a full course load. 

3. Set Boundaries on Independence

You’re excited to see your daughter, and chances are she’s looking forward to seeing you—and her friends. Recognize that certain friends, environments, and situations—even unsupervised downtime—can trigger a relapse of her symptoms and problems. In consultation with your daughter’s therapist, set boundaries. For example, don’t give her access to the car keys, keep electronics out of her bedroom, and ask that friends hang out in your home with supervision. 

4. Encourage Healthy Behaviors

Take an active role in your daughter’s ongoing treatment, including helping her keep therapy and medical appointments. Additionally, encourage healthy and healing behavior such as exercise, music, good eating habits, sleep, and yoga. Physical health can go a long way in improving mental health. Also, encourage her to engage in basic meditation and mindful exercises each day—and even join in with her.

5. Expect, and Accept, Setbacks

The road to recovery is always ongoing, and your daughter is just getting started. Recognize that setbacks are not failures. What matters is that you have a plan to help her get back on track and that you love and encourage her along the way. She will have bad days. So will you. If you can expect and accept setbacks as a normal part of the process of healing, and teach your daughter that, it will be easier to get back up and move on.

Teen girl feeding horse during equine therapy.

As your daughter’s time at Renewed Hope Ranch is coming to an end, keep these tips in mind for a successful transition after residential treatment centers for teenage girls. Know your daughter’s aftercare plan, and reach out to her therapist and team for support—you and your daughter can do this!

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