At Renewed Hope Ranch we take education very seriously. As your daughter works through her mental, emotional, and behavioral struggles, she will be able to tap into her full potential academically. We have employed Utah State-certified administrators and teachers to ensure that your daughter has the best educational opportunities available, and are an accredited school. We offer a 1 to 12 teacher-student ratio which allows your daughter to get the individual attention she needs.

Our principal is a Utah state-certified school psychologist and can help your child with Her Student Education Plan (SEP) and for Individualized Education Plan (IEP). We utilize a “Blended Education” at Renewed Hope Ranch. This education approach is part face-to-face learning (teacher to student in the classroom) and part online learning. Our online education is through Edgenuity’s Park City Independent a fully accredited and highly respected online high school, who’s credits will transfer back home to your school of choice or, if applicable, allow your daughter to graduate through Park City Independent Study and receive her high school diploma.

Another element of our academic program that helps your daughter to succeed is our ability to catch up on credit where she has fallen behind. We have schooling year-round and online credit recovery options to help accomplish this task. At Renewed Hope Ranch, we teach your daughter improved study skills; incorporating her own particular learning style into the process. We also facilitate SAT and ACT preparation and transport to testing sites. College preparation and career coaching is an integral part of our academic goals for your daughter.